One Man's View Photography by Theodore A. McGinley
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My name is Theodore McGinley.
Currently I reside in South Carolina.
I am a military veteran. Because of that fact
I have had the opportunity to travel around
to different parts of the world. But most times
you don't have to travel far to catch exciting
moments and situations. 

Every day has spectacular moments in time!

I enjoy the ability to freeze those moments
and show off God's creation. Whether it is
an out of the way location, places frequented
daily, or portraitures and events.
I like to photograph views that are seen from
a different perspective.



My photographic skills have been mostly self taught, with
a lot of on-the-job training in the field of photojournalism.
I am currently seeking more formal training through self
study courses with the New York Institute of Photography.

As an international photographer I have had the privilege
to capture the images of world leaders, foreign military
operations and breath taking views.

My work has been exhibited in many venues and published frequently.